Balneo procedures

A Specialist in Vertebrology and in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Resort Treatment, an author of a textbook on disorders of the spinal column, Fundamentals of Vertebrology, a director of Pavel Banya Medical Centre which is a specialized treatment centre for out-hospital treatment.

PBMC employs 36 doctors - specialists in all fields of medicine.

Our specialists in physiotherapy have remarkable experience gathered during their practice in the national spa resort in the town of Pavel Banya, and more particularly in disorders of the musculoskeletal system, spinal column related disorders and disorders of the peripheral nervous system.

Calista Spa Hotel applies all types of healing schemes typical for the healing process used in Pavel Banya.

  • The healing facilities and apparatus are of high performance and comply with current requirements. Several types of electric current are used for the procedures: direct, galvanic and alternating of various frequency.
  • The electric procedures enhance blood circulation, have antiseptic action, improve nutrition of tissues, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, and reduce muscular spasms.
  • The magnetic therapy has an exceptionally good anti inflammatory and pain relief effect in disorders of the musculoskeletal system, post infarction conditions and disorders of the peripheral nervous system.