The Stara Zagora Mineral SPA resort is located in the balneo-climatic low mountain zone just south of the Balkans Mountains and covers resorts, settlements and places within the above zone and some others also at higher altitudes of 400-500 m and nearer to the Balkans Mountains, such as Momin Prohod, Dolna Banya, Banya, Strelcha, Pavel Banya.

The classification formula of the mineral water of the Stara Zagora Mineral Spa rates it as IV-44.

The mineral water of the Stara Zagora Mineral Spa is described as being of low content of minerals (acrothermal) hyper thermal water of neutral reaction, belonging to the carbonic acid mineral waters, containing 60 mg /I CO 2 and of mineral content 498 mg /I.


I. Vertebrogenic (related to the spinal column) disorders and such of the peripheral nerves
II. Degenerative, joint and near joint inflammatory disorders
III.Conditions after traumatic and orthopedic disorders
IV.Disorders of the central nervous system