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Spa centre is located in the Stara Zagora Mineral Spa resort complex, in a magnificent and ecologically clean area at the southern slope of the Sarnena Gora, 12 km from Stara Zagora.
Here you will be offered various therapies for face and body conducted in a pleasant atmosphere for perfect relaxation. Physiotherapists, rehabilitators, kinesis therapists, beauticians, administrators, life guards and others shall take care of your comfort.
The spa and wellness centre of Calista Spa Hotel is the place where your body would be revitalized. Here you will be able to discharge the toxins, refresh and hydrate your skin, and also improve your blood circulation and metabolism.

The unique spa and wellness centre covers an area of 6,000 sq.m. and has the most advanced technical facilities.

The specific natural factors contribute to your useful recreation: clean air rich in ozone, fresh puff of wind from the mountain, mineral water with healing properties for external and internal use.

Walking around the attractive water cascade located in the atrium of the spa centre you would enjoy a nice view – the pyramidal glass ceiling provides an opportunity for a direct access to the caressing sunshine or softly falling snowflakes depending on the season.

Then there is a fresh bar, indoor mineral pool and relaxation zone to provide you with a unique comfort for a comprehensive recreation.

SPA Reception
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